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Transport to and from school

Often, the biggest issue facing parents is getting their children to school, especially younger children.

It is possible to receive support for some travel costs dependant on the distance from school and the age of the children, as well as any assess special needs.

You may be able to get assistance with travel to school if you live:

  • 2 miles from school and if the child is under 8 years of age
  • 3 miles from school and if the child is under 8 years or older

Other help is available dependant on the age of your children and the distance to the school.

Risk Assessments

Further to this, risk assessments should be completed by the local authority if:

  1. Both parents are disabled and the route means that the child needs to be accompanied to school
  2. Lone parents families were the lone parent is disabled and the child needs to be accompanied
  3. Lone parents with two or more children who attend different schools

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